Sport4All Program: Inclusive Sports for People with Disability

Dive into our award-winning program, designed and delivered by people with disability and lived experiences.

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Our goals.


Connect clubs, schools, and community to build inclusive sporting communities.


Understand common inclusion challenges in clubs and schools.


Spread the word about Sport4All and it’s impact in as many schools and clubs as possible.


Increase the number of people with disability participating in club and school sport with choice and control.


Measure the impact of the Sport4All program on clubs and school sport across Australia.

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About Sport4All program.

Who should join

The Sport4All program welcomes all sports clubs and schools across Australia. Our goal is to help create a safe and inclusive space where every Australian, no matter their background or ability, feels truly included.

What we provide

Our dedicated team, which includes people with disability and lived experience with strong community ties, use their personal experiences to help you build genuinely inclusive sporting communities. Sport4All offers training materials in the form of engaging videos, informative posters, and easy-to-read documents—all available online.

Where can you find Sport4All

Sport4All is easily accessible online, reaching every sports club and school across Australia. We collaborate with local councils in cities, towns, and remote areas, providing the option of an Inclusion Coach. These coaches are here to support your local club and school through our online resources or even in-person training sessions. 

Get involved.

Step 1

Begin your inclusion journey

Start your journey to inclusion with our simple check-in survey. It helps us understand what you’re doing well and where we can help. It’ll only take about 3 minutes. Don’t worry if you’re new to inclusion; we all start somewhere.

Step 2

Discover our award-winning training

Join our fantastic training program! Watch videos and use our helpful posters with tips and checklists to make your club or school more inclusive for people with disability. 

Step 3

Make a difference in your community

Put what you’ve learned into action with the support of our Inclusion Coaches. Create a friendly and safe place for people with disability. Remember, even small changes can have a big impact!

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Andrew Negrelli

“Inclusive sport matters to me because there is no I in team and everyone is included. Inclusive sport looks like one big happy family all together. I love sport because it keeps me fit and active, and I feel part of a team”

Andrew Playing Tennis
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