Any sport anywhere for anyone.

A tennis ball flying through the air

Who are we?

Sport4All is a collaboration bewteen Government, Sports Australia and Get Skilled Access

Our purpose is to give people with disability the opportunity to participate in grassroots and school sports when, where and how they choose.

Get Skilled Access was founded by Paralympic Gold Medalist and Grand Slam champion Dylan Alcott. Get Skilled Access is a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise, this means the company is managed and run by people with disability. 

We know how big this vision is and with your help we can work together to make it a reality

A set of cricket stumps

“I’ve always said that sport both changed and saved my life – and I want every young Australian with a disability to have the same opportunity.” 

– Dylan Alcott OAM

Dylan Alcott looking fresh and active in his sport wheelchair

Why do we exist?

We exist to give people with a disability the opportunity to participate in grassroots sport when, where and how they choose to. 

The Experience.

How we help you become a more inclusive School or Sporting Club. 

The Health

Our inclusion health tracker allows you to assess the current level of inclusion in your club or school. 

A Game

We know that every sporting club and school is different and therefore so is your pathway to total inclusion.


Understanding, learning and building inclusion is made easy with the Sport 4 All training resources.

Building a

Sport4All is about building partnerships with you, people with disability, local governments and National sporting organisations to build energy around inclusion.

A Sport4All athlete stretching on the ground

Where is the program running?

Sport is engrained in Australian culture and that is why sport needs to be inclusive across the country. The pilot program will be available to clubs and schools who can participate online. S4A will also be available to participants in selected local government areas in Victoria to help us understand the connections that can increase sustainability within the community.

When is the program running?

Sport 4 All will be launching and ready for clubs and schools to begin participating in in February 2021.

How do I get involved?

With the absence of sport felt by many in 2020 the return of sport in 2021 will be bigger and better than ever before. People with and without disability are craving participation in sport so there has never been a better time to make your commitment as a club or school to take part in the Sport4All pilot program.


You can make this incredible commitment to increasing inclusion today by completing the signup form at the bottom of this page.