About Sport4All - Our Inclusion Program

The Sport4All team is made up of people with disability and lived connection to disability. We are passionate about sport and want every Australian with disability to have the same opportunity to participate in sport anyway they choose to.

The Sport4All pilot program exists to give people with disability the opportunity to participate in sport at both a club and school level when, where and how they choose. Sport4All has been developed, designed and delivered by people with disability and lived experience to build a movement that enables clubs and schools to be inclusive and provide accessible environments for people of all disability, all ages, all roles and any sport. 

Our purpose is to give people with disability the opportunity to have choice and control on where and how they participate in club and school sports through playing, coaching, administration or any other role. 

Our Story

People with disability face many challenges, one of them being access to community and school sport. In 2019, the Federal  Minister for Sport approached Dylan Alcott AO and Get Skilled Access with one goal – increase the number of people with disability in sport communities across the country. We discovered that sports clubs and schools were curious to include people with disability but didn’t know where or how to start.

Sport4All was born! 

Designed, and delivered by people with disability and lived connection, to build a movement that upskills clubs and schools to better include people of all disability, all ages, all communities, and any sport.

We started with a pilot program, 4 modules and 5 Victorian councils. From there, Sport4All got bigger and bigger! We brought together various sporting organisations, levels of government, teaching organisations and members of the disability community to have input on Sport4All in the hope of designing a program that everyone in the sporting community could get onboard.

We identified the importance of local councils as the hub of a community, as well as the significance of having a dedicated person within the local council to serve as a point of contact for clubs and schools – now referred to as the Inclusion Coach. Our Inclusion Coaches are people with disability and lived experience with strong community connections, serving as the bridge between Sport4All and clubs, schools, venues, and organisations. They provide valuable support in increasing the participation of people with disability in their respective sport and active recreation communities. 

Five local governments across metropolitan and regional Victoria witnessed the participation of over 500 clubs and schools in the pilot program. This initiative resulted in improved accessibility to sports for individuals with disabilities within clubs and schools. This was achieved through confidence-building activities, community sports days, and increased overall participation.

Sport4All goes nationwide!

The next evolution of our program was to ensure that Sport4All’s benefits reached every Australian who loves participating in sports, how and when they choose.

We recognised that expanding nationally, would open doors to groups we hadn’t worked with before. Therefore, the program’s national expansion was a collaborative effort, co-designed with insights from First Peoples and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Peoples with disabilities. Their experiences, beliefs, and deep connection to sports played a pivotal role in shaping this initiative. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these individuals for their candidness, vulnerability, understanding, and patience. We are committed to continuous learning in this space.

Sport4All has partnered with the Australian Sports Commission to embark on a nationwide journey. Our aim is to reach 80 new communities across all states and territories, continuing to support clubs, schools, and active recreation communities. We provide them with the knowledge and confidence to foster equitable access for people with disability from all backgrounds.

Our unwavering commitment remains rooted in empowering people with disability to choose and control how they participate in sport, be it playing, coaching, administration, volunteering or any other role in the world of sports. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a level playing field.

Why Sport4All

Playing sport is not a privilege but a right for every Australian including the 4.5 million people, or roughly 20% of Australians, living with disability. Like most Australians, we love sport and being involved in the community through sport. We have identified the significant gap in the understanding and capability of sporting clubs and schools to include people with disability effectively in sport not because they don’t want to, but they don’t always know how to.

Participation doesn’t always mean playing. Participation might include coaching, administration, volunteering as well as the many other roles that make a sporting community tick. That’s why we have developed Sport4All – to support clubs and schools to understand which  inclusion areas need focus and what steps you can take to support the inclusion of people with disability from all communities.

The Sport4All program is fully funded by the Australian Government in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission, and designed and delivered by Get Skilled Access. Local government areas in metropolitan, regional, and remote Australia will play a vital role in growing the impact of the program by connecting our Inclusion Coaches to support their local communities. 

Sport4All – Our Vision

Our Vision 

Inclusive sporting communities so that every person with disability has access to sport and feels like they belong. 

Our Mission 

To give sporting communities the knowledge and passion to include all people with disability in sport.

Our Values

  • At the centre of Sport4All are people with disability and lived connection
  • People with disability are always involved in our decision making
  • Employing people with disability is very important to us
  • Access and belonging for people with disability is our priority 


  • Our relationships are diverse, meaningful, and ongoing
  • We compassionately listen to the point of view of our stakeholders
  • We seek feedback on our work to make sure we are always informed and up to date
  • We are always looking to meet new people so we can hear new and diverse voices
  • We maintain and uphold new and existing relationships


  • We find solutions by being flexible, and open
  • We don’t let fixed thinking get in the way of welcoming and belonging
  • We look for ways to bring people on board and update Sport4All
  • We are open to changing the way we do something to include everyone
  • Although we are flexible, we don’t negotiate on accessibility and belonging

  • All people are equal when we consider accessibility and inclusion
  • We recognise that People with disability have diverse stories and cultures
  • We are committed to listening and learning so that our work is safe for everyone
  • Our information comes in ways that are accessible, inclusive, and culturally respectful 
  • Accessibility is our priority for interactions and meeting places
  • We are open about accessibility and inaccessibility

  • We are impact focused, not problem focused.
  • We hold ourselves and each other responsible for building a culture where people belong.
  • We are designed so that people with disability can choose how they want to be involved
  • We ensure that all people with disability are represented in our work

The Sport For All Team in Canberra at Parliament House

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Andrew Negrelli

“Inclusive sport matters to me because there is no I in team and everyone is included. Inclusive sport looks like one big happy family all together. I love sport because it keeps me fit and active, and I feel part of a team”

Andrew Playing Tennis
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