Water Polo Victoria and Sport4All Team Up to Make a Splash for Inclusion

Get ready for a wave of inclusion in Victorian Water Polo!

Sport4All and Water Polo Victoria are joining forces in a ground-breaking partnership to make the sport welcoming and accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

This exciting collaboration is set to transform the water polo landscape, shattering misconceptions and opening doors for people with disability to participate in the sport they love. Water Polo Victoria is committed to providing a greater number of opportunities for all to be a part of the water polo community, and Sport4All is thrilled to lend its expertise in fostering inclusion.

A diverse group of people in a pool, some with disabilities, holding a water polo ball and smiling together. Sport4All and Water Polo Victoria logo is at the bottom of the image.

Simon Devine, CEO of Water Polo Victoria, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Water Polo Victoria is proud to partner with Sport4All in 2024. Water Polo Victoria is committed to making our sport more inclusive and providing a greater number of opportunities for all to be a part of the Water Polo community. We are excited to work closely with the team at Sport4All, helping our clubs with resources, training and knowledge to better support and engage people living with a disability”.

Jeremy O’Sullivan, State Manager for Sport4All, shared his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Water Polo Victoria to help support their members and programs in building their confidence in disability inclusion. This unique partnership will break down misconceptions and provide opportunities for participation in water polo for people with disability.”

Through this collaboration, Water Polo Victoria staff and clubs will receive essential training and resources to create inclusive environments. A State Sport Inclusion Coach will work alongside Water Polo Victoria, offering continuous guidance and support to integrate best practices in inclusion throughout the water polo community. These efforts will empower people with disability to engage in Water Polo, either as players or in other non-playing roles.

Maria Strong, Inclusion Coach for Sport4All in Victoria, emphasised the importance of this partnership: “I am excited to work with Water Polo Victoria, supporting them and their member clubs to develop confidence in including people with disability. Water Polo is often seen as a challenging sport, but there are people with disability in the Water Polo community and others who may want to get involved. Any sport, anywhere, for anyone. I even had a go at social polo myself!”

By fostering an environment where everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of sport, this partnership ensures that water polo in Victoria becomes more accessible and inclusive. Together, Sport4All and Water Polo Victoria are committed to breaking down barriers and creating a community where the joy and opportunities of sport are available to all.

About Water Polo Victoria

Water Polo Victoria is the governing body for water polo in Victoria, responsible for promoting, developing, and administering the sport throughout the state. Offering competitions, programs, and events for all age groups and skill levels, Water Polo Victoria fosters a vibrant water polo community.

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Andrew Negrelli

“Inclusive sport matters to me because there is no I in team and everyone is included. Inclusive sport looks like one big happy family all together. I love sport because it keeps me fit and active, and I feel part of a team”

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