Sport4All Partners with Hockey QLD to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

We are thrilled to announce new partnership with Hockey QLD to promote diversity and inclusion in hockey.

Sport4All is thrilled to announce a significant partnership with Hockey Queensland, aiming to enhance diversity and inclusion in hockey across the state. This collaboration will impact over 25 affiliate member associations spread throughout Queensland, from Cairns to Mount Isa, Warwick, the Tweed District, along the Queensland coast, and nearly every region in between. With over 16,000 registered hockey players and an additional 4,000 children participating in primary and secondary school programs annually, the influence of this partnership on diversity and inclusion in hockey is expected to be extensive and transformative.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Sport4All in line with our Diversity and Inclusion strategy,” said Marc Wittmann, General Manager of Operations at Hockey Qld. “There is a significant percentage of people with a disability in our society and within our sport, often without it being readily apparent. The partnership will assist us in raising awareness as well as equipping our workforce with the tools needed to provide a positive and inclusive experience for all members.”

In this image, two kids are shown wearing orange team jerseys and holding hockey sticks. The girl in the forefront is wearing a hat and is about to hit the ball. In the background, another girl is looking at the first girl in action, also holding a hockey stick and participating in the activity. To the right of this image, the Sport4All and Hockey QLD logos are shown.

Through this partnership, Hockey Queensland and Sport4All will work together to ensure that hockey associations and clubs across Queensland are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to embrace diversity and inclusion in hockey and foster opportunities for people with disability.

“Sport4All will play a vital role in educating our athletes, coaches, umpires and officials, helping them to create a more inclusive environment,” commented Tinesha Carey, Participation Coordinator at Hockey Qld. “We pride ourselves on our community, and our goal is to equip our clubs with the knowledge to break down barriers for members with a disability. With this partnership, we will all gain the tools to navigate a more inclusive environment, so everyone can enjoy the sport we love.”

Inclusion is not just a goal; it is a shared responsibility that demands collective action and commitment from all members. By joining forces, Sport4All and Hockey Queensland aim to create a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming environment where every individual feels valued, and respected, and has the opportunity to participate in hockey.

“We are very excited to work with Hockey Queensland and engage with the hockey community in the inclusion space,” shared Kim Abbott, Sport4All Inclusion Coach, Queensland. “We will be able to provide support through the Sport4All program with education, training and resources for Associations and Clubs. This partnership will ensure that hockey is a sport for everyone, confidently providing opportunities for people of all abilities to be involved in hockey in any way they choose.”

Sport4All is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in hockey and creating opportunities for people with disability across all facets of the sport. By working together, Hockey Queensland and Sport4All are committed to creating a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, and respected, and has the opportunity to be involved in hockey. 

About Hockey Queensland:  

Hockey is played in a range of formats including Hookin2Hockey, Junior Girls and Boys, Ladies and Men’s, Masters, Hockey 5’s, Indoor Hockey as well as the traditional full-field hockey but has always embraced its grassroots, with players, families, coaches, umpires and administrators out on the fields each week, being involved at all levels. On 11 November 1995, the Queensland Women’s Hockey Association (QWHA) and the Queensland Men’s Hockey Association (QHA), amalgamated to form a new era in hockey – Hockey Queensland. In 2021 Hockey Queensland celebrated 100 years of Hockey and in 2023 celebrated 100 years of Women’s Hockey.  

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“Inclusive sport matters to me because there is no I in team and everyone is included. Inclusive sport looks like one big happy family all together. I love sport because it keeps me fit and active, and I feel part of a team”

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